On August 30, 2012 in the evening I entered the store to get some juice. I went down the aisle looking for my favorite juice in the refrigeration units.

You know how we all look through those glass doors for our products? I found my small juice product, opened the refrigeration unit door, got my product, closed the door. I took one step out, slipped and landed on my knee on that linoleum tiled concrete floor. I went over on my right elbow.

Customer down.....Von's employees forgot their frozen food pallet... melting 14 feet down the sales floor aisle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This incident happened almost three years ago and you are just getting around to complaining now. It sounds like you don't have much of a life if all you do is sit around moping about something that happened that long ago.

to anonymous #952807

VONS STORE: Fractured Elbow and Torn Lateral and Medial Meniscus Part 2

Thanks for your comment. Yes, it just occurred to me to post it.

I have a life that I lead which is important to me. These injuries consumed some of that time. I have over $30,000 in medical expenses. The doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments took time and travel.

The knee injury is permanent and can't be repaired with pain daily. The elbow has come back with slight pain now and then. The shoes to help support me in walking is in the range of approx. $75-$300.

I just completed the last of the medical appointments, as all of the medical personnel have gone as far as they can go with my injuries. Vons negligence could have put me in a wheel chair. They hurt my quality of life, don't let them do it to you.

My suggestion to everyone reading this is; do your shopping with retailers that are concerned about customer safety. It is not worth it to risk your health.

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