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I was at the vons in bakersfield. On north chester.

My husband and I came out of the store with two baskets of food. I asked the box girl to help us out with one basket. My husband took on. She didn't offer for tge one I was pushing so I could help my husband who recently had a strok.e.

this is first time he has been out walking. My husband went first out, I was following. They put tge root beer case impropriety on my basket. When I went out tge door over yellow grating with bumps out side of door.

Tge root beer feel on my feet, tripped me. Tgey broke, leaking all over all tge way to my car. I went back in. Tgey were not concerned I got hurt or hurt my back, and it pulled my arms on basket.

Iam in pain. I told them they dame near killed me going out there door. They dhould be more carful how tgey pack the carts. The boxer got rode, said I didn't do it.

Intend of checking me or listening too me that I was hurt. The manger brought a new root beer to my car and told me I should watch were iam walking. Tge root beer feel on my feet and tripped me out side tge door on tge yellow grating. And told me I should be nicer.

Iam the hurt coustomer. I spend over 800.00 in tge a month. Well uou list my bussiness.

They can shut that vons down too. I will tell all my friends not to go there either.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should *** in their produce and break all their eggs.

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