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I have been shopping at this Vons for 8 years, A loyal customer,..i use my moms vonsclub card she has been a customer over 20 years. I have seen two managers rotate through this store La Donna,.and a white guy who was here for a couple of years,...Now this Asian lady ( Some of my favorite people are Asian )

Like my mom for instance ,.so no offense against asians,..i dont know her name.

So Asian lady for sake of description. Stone face Asian Lady.

Everyone is been trained to be friendly,..treat you polite,..and respectful. Engage you,..but not the Dragon lady,.Her 2nd tour of duty here ( i was told ) I guess she doesnt like the store she leered at me at acted like she was doing me a favor checking my groceries,...She avoids eye contact and doesnt smile,.if she is depressed she should get some pills,..antidepressants or something,..i spend and have spent a lot of money there least she could do is look at me

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LaDonna :(
Karma hurts

I've worked with LaDonna. Dear lord that was a NIGHTMARE.

I believe she was fired. Karma hurts

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