Had to urinate. It cost a quarter to use restroom. I reached into my pocket as I was dancing around to pee. No money, and yes I was shopping... I asked for a token from the cash register employee. "We don't give tokens," the employee told me." I said, "what am I to do? She just shrugged her shoulders. I am a senior citizen and I have urinary problems and soon I pissed my pants.

I told my son the story as I am typing this and he told me they wouldn't give him a token at the same Von's just yesterday! He said they told him to push open the door, but it would not work. When he told the cash register lady again she replied firmly "we usually don't give out tokens." He said he was upset & about to ask for the manager but then he thought about the recession and didn't want to put the cash register lady's job in jeopardy.

Can you do something for your custumers? It would be good for you, and wonderful for people like me.


Dale Lung

Product or Service Mentioned: Vons Manager.

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