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Double coupons? Sure!

With some stipulations. Vons will gladly double manufacturer coupons only and only up to $1.00. If the coupon is for .10 cents off something they will double it. If the coupon is for .99 cents off, they will kick in another penny.

This is not "double coupons". This is "double anything under .51 cents".

See I think this is still a pretty good deal but not after what I just saw on tv. There was this show which was about coupon addicts. Based on the quality it seems as though this footage was likely captured some time within the last year or 2 ('10-'11).

What these people were doing is going to stores that offered true double coupons and buying up to $3,000.00 worth of groceries for as little as $500.00! I, being unemployable since '05 and penniless since '08, can really use something like this as $200.00/mo. in food stamps is not nearly enough to live on! The really unfortunate thing is the people that were taking advantage of these huuuuge savings are hoarding it.

Many of them have what they refer to as "stock piles". What can consist of a "stock pile" is 40 tubes of tooth paste-60 large containers of t.p.-45 bottles of shampoo-35 jugs of Clorox Bleach and so on. I can only imagine the reason Vons does not allow true double coupons is because of this. Some of these people even made money based on the coupons being doubled.

While I am struggling severely as a result of 4 disability denials, one with an attorney, these people are making a career out of "couponning". Must be nice and thanks a ton Vons!!

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Extreme couponing doesn't seem to be possible in California at least in Southern California. Beginning April 1st, Ralphs will no longer double any coupons and will discontinue sending you a coupon in regard to how much you have spent for a 3 month period of time.

It looks like the cents off gas program will still be working. Because the double coupon programs are either dwindling or stopping, I will be doing more comparative shopping. Target will give you %5 back on your order if you use your Target card or Target related debit card. We are also getting a Walmart Market in town.

Let the supermarket games begin! I'm starting a price list to really compare prices at all the stores.

Ura asswhole

To " pissed off consumer" you *** ignore ***. You not work you guzzle *** while your husband works you ***!

This person said they were on disability but you being a holiday inn doctor can use all you housewife skills to assess the level of his disability to the point where you call him ***? You silly ***! Did u graduate high school? You are an uncaring hypocritical piece of ***!

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Really lady? You're upset because these people are smart enough to save money and stock up?

At least the people on the show have jobs and arent depending on food stamps to build their stock piles. You make me sick because my husband is working 50 hours a week and we barely scrape by while your lazy *** is enjoying your food stamps. Must be nice, huh? I tried applying because I believe tax paying citizens deserve a food allowance rather than taking out of every check to give to useless pieces of *** like you.

Get a job you useless ***.

I believe in natural selection and if the world worked like it should you wouldnt be on it.

Yeah and you thought you were pissed off. :(


Discount diva:

I'm in SD too and beginner couponer. Which stores do you go to?

Also I score more coupons than I can use.

I can give you some. Let me know and I'll send u my email address.


I'm in San Diego and couponing is working for me. I just started a few weeks ago and we are well stocked now on all our drugstore products and our pantry is filling. Join and watch their free couponing videos to see how easy and fun it is.

Some recent scores include FREE = 50 lunchables, 50 pastas, 50 rice dishes, 50 bbq sauces, 100 deoderants, 100 package bologna, 25 packages hotdogs, 25 toothpastes, and DEEP discounts on many, many other food and drugstore items.

Sale items vary on the time of year/holidays. Hotdog, condiments, and bbq haven over this past Memorial Day weekend.

And unlike the "stock pile" hoarders we give the majority of the items to my local food bank and charity. It's a fun charitable hobby and of course our family reeps the rewards on our shopping bill as well. Key is to obtain the darn coupon inserts. If you have neighborhood newpaper recycle bins this is a good place to score extra inserts.


I hear ya. I live in California and it seems to be different here with the coupon doubling.

I have money, but if I can save more off my food bill with cutting coupons (which I do) and finding stores that actually double them, I can spend more on me. LOL!

I haven't found a store here in California that actually really doubles the coupons. I've heard about that show too, but I just don't see that happening where I live.

My husband usually gives me a budget to grocery shop with, but imagine what I could do if I didn't have to spend it all on food. I'd be spending the day at the beauty salon of saving it for a cruise. LOL!

As for the rude comment above, you need some counseling. People that sit online talk down to people are known to have serious emotional problems and poor self esteem.

I think I have a coupon for that! lmao!


Get a job you *** and stop worrying about what other people do with their money. I dont coupon myself, but I say all the best for people who want to save money.

Maybe if you had done some of this you might still have some food to eat and would not be in such a bad situation.

Also if your claim has been denied four times that should tell you something. GET A JOB!!!

You ***

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