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This evening I visited my local Vons in Del Mar, Ca. Keeping that in mind this should always be up scale per the zip code the location is in. I purchased chicken wings and chicken tenders from there sell area. The gentleman assured me they were still good. I went to check out and the clerk scanned my groceries and I paid. That was it. I had to bag my own groceries and keep it from getting mixed up with the other customers groceries that the... Read more

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To the person who posted about witnessing Von's security sneak something into a customer's bag in order to hastle them, thank you SO, SO much! I will now know to stay far away from Vons! I had a problem recently at my local store because I use a re-usable bag. Had the security follow me up and down the isles many times before and this time the security person asked to see my receipt. I own a Condo that is worth over half a million dollars. (Paid... Read more

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Ordered online, gave me 1-3 window of delivery. They didn't come at all. Called next morning said they had truck problems. They said they would redo order fresh and deliver 1-3...again NO SHOW. An hour later of holding on phone I get completely different story, YESTERDAY IT WAS THE TRUCK BROKE, NOW it is an I.T. problem... NO ONE CALLED..rude inconsiderate. THE WORST IS THEY ALREADY TOOK THE PAYMENT FROM MY BANK IT WILL BE 5 DAYS TO GET IT... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 04
  • #876655

Its the 4th of July and your store on Broadway and Atlantic in Long Beach has to Checkers this is an ongoing problem at this store someone needs to be *** fired. This is not the first time I've made complaint nor others have complained

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I called customer service, and I was waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes and still no one answered!!! I have been a loyal customer for a long time, and I was placing often orders for delivery, however most of the time I cant get my items that I always buy, I don't know what is going on!!! simply they don't reorder the items or don't care, and don't post it on the web, beef meat price is way over charged, compare to Ralphs or any other... Read more

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Are city/state laws laws allowing customers to use re-usable bags. At the Von's store at 3 rd and Vermont, security and a manager have hassled customers who carry bags into the store. In an area where there are a number of stores customers might be carrying items they bought in other stores, or for things they plan to buy at the store, while shopping. At least one security guard follows such customers around for no other reason than they have a... Read more

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Santa Monica loves dogs but dogs do not belong in the grocery store. It started with service dogs but now there are dogs that are not identified as service dogs. There are small and large dogs walking around. Your managers had better start enforcing the rules and address the problem. This is a sanitary issue. Bristol Farms has signs CLEARLY posted outside the store. The sign at the 13th and Wilshire store is barely visible due to the multitude... Read more

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Those $5 food bags they try to get you to pay for for the needy they are making money on! Then they take credit for it. Everytime I go there they hit you up for money for something which I resent. They're worse than the people outside looking for money for something. They have the highest prices I've ever seen. Foods For Less down the street has identical stuff for 20-30% less everyday , and Wal Mart's even less than that. Also they don't hit... Read more

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My wife is handicapped so we used the lane marked handicapped it's also the 15 item lane The checker was extremely rude and surely He said don't you realize your in the wrong lane (he was just standing there there was no one in the lane but us) I said my wife is handicapped and he said it doesn't matter We usually spend about 150.00 a week or more Maybe we should go to smiths more An insulted customer Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 26
  • #854948

Floor drain from vons left uncovered! Pissed this is the same drain they left uncovered before. Hurt my foot and ankle on the floor drain. They say they are not responsible...

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